Ready to renew your pet licence?

First, Let's Fetch Your Record


If you have previously licensed a pet with Syracuse, we likely have your record on file.

We may send unnecessary messages to you if you purchase a new licence instead of renewing the existing one!

There are FOUR ways we can find your existing licence record. Please select the option that is easiest for you.

  1. I Have Registered Online with DocuPet Before

  2. I Have An Activation Code from a Letter or Email

    If you’ve received an email or letter from us with an Activation Code, simply enter it along with your postal code below.

  3. I Will Use My Pet’s Tag Number

    You can locate your licence record using your pet's tag number.

  4. I’ll Just Call You

    Call our Toll Free Number for help renewing your licence between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday (holidays excepted).


    This page, might be helpful when you’re on the line with us.